Shri Guru Ravidass Ji Maharaj was born in Varanasi, then known as "Kanshi" in the year 1376 AD (Bikrami Samvat 1433, widely accepted by many scholars & institutions) to father Santokh Dass Ji and mother Kalsi Devi Ji.

Other pages describe the many feats and accomplishments of Shri Guru Ravidass Ji and this page is dedicated to his Gurpurb celebrations. In Coventry in the UK County of West Midlands, the Gurpurb is taken very seriously (as it is in other Sabha worldwide) and is commenced by the start of an Akhand Pathh with Arambh Shri Bhog on a Friday at 10 am.

The Executive Committee took a decision in the early years of this Temple, that the Gurpurb day was a communal event and Seva was going to come from the whole Sangat, not just from one member or family in the Sangat. Accordingly the Akhand Pathh is sponsored by the Temple.

Various important people and dignatories are invited to attend and enrich the celebrations. Regular VIPs include the Right Honorable Bob Ainsworth, MP, and Right Honorable Jim Cunningham, MP. Coventry has recently had two Indian Lord Mayors - Councillor Sucha Singh Bains and Councillor Ram Parkash Lakha.

Click here to play a short video clip of Bob Ainsworth, MP, addressing the Gurpurb Celebrations in 2005

Click here to play a short video clip of Jim Cunningham, MP, addressing the Gurpurb Celebrations in 2005


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5 May 2005