Spiritual Development

Going through life presents many opportunities and many problems, all to be seized or overcome. Many would choose to take the easy route and stay firmly in their comfort zones. Many others would take up the challenge and really seek to make a difference, by taking hold of opportunities and developing them for the betterment of self, family and maybe community as well.

Over a period of time one comes to see that there has to be something more, more than just what is immediately perceived.

So they look to the natural place for many, their religion and the teachings of that religion. Sikhs have their Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (SGGS) and this Holy Book is revered as the Living Guru, because it contains the teachings of not just the 10 Sikh Gurus but also many other Holy Saints of that time - people like Kabir, Trilochan, Sadha, Namdev, Sain, Ravidass and Farid.

All of them were spiritually God realised people who had a firm foundation in knowing God through Direct God Consciousness. Their teachings reflect this inner awareness and are captured in the Bani which forms the contents of the SGGS. All who read it are seeking the meanings within their teachings so that they can also attain such awareness.

Spiritual Development is a strictly personal path, called Sadhana, and is between one and God. Sikhs perform their Nitnem, daily recital of various sections of the SGGS as laid down from the beginning, in order to establish the presence of God in their daily life.

Their following of this important routine is a sign of loyalty to the Guru. The way this is followed - the buildup, one's attitude, concentration and focus, the entreaties to God as WaheGuru in the closing prayers are all a mark of something much, much more. These are a sign of the personal relationship with WaheGuruin the sure knowledge that He is there, He is all seeing and He will look after you. He is the Father, He is the Mother, He is the Sister and He is the Brother. "Tu he mere Pita, To he mere Mata, Tu mera Bandap, Tu he mere prata."

Spiritual Development comes through this steadfast daily practice of recital, with the concurrent attitude and deepening relationship with WaheGuru. This bhakti or devotion is in direct contrast to the material selfish attitude that todays society in many ways, so actively encourages.

There should be no doubt that true followers of such practice with the right frame of mind during it, will attract the blessings of WaheGuru.


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